Jamie Keep Cooking Family Favourites

September 2020

Series 1, Episode 7 - Episode 7

3.0 8 x
...Favourites: Jamie Oliver spices up dinner with his take on peri peri chicken, makes fishcakes with sustainable white fish, and turns a simple ice cream into a cheeky treat. (Ep7)

Series 1, Episode 6 - Episode 6

4.5 11 x
...Favourites: Jamie Oliver shares his take on butter chicken curry, with less spice, fewer ingredients and less washing-up, and a pesto-glazed salmon en croûte on a bed of greens. (Ep6)

Episode 5

3.0 7 x
...Favourites: Jamie creates a sausage pie like you've never seen, using golden mashed potato instead of pastry, and gives the nation's favourite fish and chips a healthy makeover. (Ep5)

Episode 4

3.0 13 x
...Favourites: Jamie makes roast chicken with a kimchi glaze, fluffy rice and slaw, followed by salmon stuffed with creamy prawns and wrapped in bacon, and an all-in-one pink cake. (Ep4)
August 2020

Episode 3

4.0 14 x
...Favourites: Jamie makes a meat-free cannelloni traybake oozing with cheese, followed by gorgeous, garlicky, juicy prawn kebabs. He also treats us to some super-simple rocky road. (Ep3)

Episode 2

4.0 44 x
...Favourites: Jamie Oliver puts his twist on the crowd-pleasing cauliflower cheese to create a pasta dish, and offers a healthy take on the classic chicken Kiev by using filo pastry. (Ep2)

Episode 1

3.0 52 x
...Favourites: Jamie Oliver returns with new family favourite recipes, including reinvented roast chicken, spaghetti bolognese with pale ale and Cheddar, and a fun take on pasta prep. (Ep1)
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