Jamie's Money Saving Meals

February 2019

Thrifty Chicken Curry and Snake in the Hole

Expired 3.0 44 x
Jamie Oliver makes a thrifty chicken curry with drumsticks and a Mexican omelette, a giant veg rosti with poached eggs and Jamie's snake in the hole

Spiced Sausage Bake, Salmon and JFC

Expired 3.0 8 x
Jamie serves his spin on a fast food favourite with Jamie's Fried Chicken (JFC). He also makes spiced sausage bake, garlic bread, a meat-free roast, and two very different recipes for leftover salmon.

Fish Tikka Curry, Chicken Wrap and Tagine

Expired 4.0 15 x
Jamie Oliver makes fish tikka curry, spicy cheese and beans, quick chicken wrap, hoi sin chicken tortilla and a sweet and spicy Moroccan-inspired tagine.
January 2019

Mexican Chilli, Chapatis and Mackerel Carbonara

Expired 4.0 13 x
Jamie cooks a Mexican chilli featuring shin of beef, reveals the secrets of his homemade chapatis, shares ideas for using up leftover roast chicken, and cooks a frugal twist on a favourite pasta dish
November 2016

Fish Tikka Curry: Extra Portions

3.0 10 x
Jamie Oliver proves that frozen fish can be just as good as fresh with his stunning fish tikka curry. He also makes Mexican pork tacos and uses roast chicken scraps in an elegant 'Frenchie' salad.

Meatballs and Chicken Wrap: Extra Portions

3.0 6 x
Jamie makes Sicilian-inspired meatballs and tomato 'Norma' sauce, quick chicken wrap and a silky carbonara of mackerel
July 2016

Thrift Curry and Posh Beans on Toast

3.0 9 x
Jamie makes a thrifty curry with chicken drumsticks and frugal but posh beans on toast.

Amazing Paella and Cajun Fishcakes

3.0 11 x
Jamie Oliver makes a frugal but amazing paella with chicken thighs, spicy chorizo and prawns from the freezer. There's also crisp Cajun fishcakes with a classic chopped salad.

Piri Piri Pork Belly and Celeriac Roast

3.0 12 x
Jamie Oliver cooks piri piri pork belly with crispy crackling. There's also a meat-free roast using celeriac, creamy mushroom sauce and cheap-as-chips pearl barley.

Cheese and Beans and Lamb Biryani

3.0 17 x
Jamie Oliver offers a clever spin on the much-loved cheese and beans combo with Jamie's spicy, smoky BBQ baked beans with sweet potatoes