Jamie's Quick & Easy Food


Episode 5 Beef, Crispy Squid & Polenta Cake

4.0 7 x
Jamie makes high-speed ginger shakin' beef, crispy squid and smashed avocado, pork and mash gratin, and almond, orange and polenta cake

Episode 4 Lamb, Spaghetti & Apple Cookies

3.0 7 x
Jamie cooks up a tender lamb shoulder, super green spaghetti, one-pan fabulous fish and apple crumble cookies

Episode 3 Chops, Linguine & Fishcakes

4.0 20 x
On the menu, Asian fishcakes, lemony courgette linguine, sticky lamb chops and a super-charged cherry chocolate mousse

Episode 2 Tuna, Meatballs, Cookies

3.0 12 x
Jamie's cooking up his snappy Sesame Seared Tuna and Messy Meatball Buns - feel good family food that's fast and loaded with flavour - followed by his irresistibly gooey Chocolate Rye Cookies

Episode 1 Scallops, Steak, Flat Breads

4.0 32 x
Jamie kicks off with seared scallops with black pudding and speedy spuds and peas. There's also rib-eye steak; flat breads and mango chutney; and Jamie's almond pastry puff.
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