Journeys From the Centre of the Earth

August 2013

6. Salt

3.0 9 x
How salt has played a key role in everything from ice ages to the preservation of food.(R)

5. Water

3.0 14 x
Dr Iain Stewart tells the story of man's 10,000-year battle to control water.(R)

4. Beliefs

3.0 13 x
How rocks played a crucial role in determining the beliefs of ancient civilisations.(R)

3. Art

3.0 16 x
How geology has been a huge influence in shaping the history of art, from cave painters on(R)

2. Architecture

3.0 13 x
How rocks influenced the Egyptians to build pyramids, and the Greeks to build squares.(R)

1. Risky Rocks

3.0 37 x
How earthquakes have created a huge network of cracks in the ground, pathways for minerals(R)
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