Junior Doctors

October 2019

On The Front Line: Episode 4

4.0 7 x
With the pressures and demands building, Luke has a difficult decision to make, and Tom faces the harsh reality of life in A&E.

On The Front Line: Episode 3

3.0 17 x
Howra must hold her nerve as she stitches a patient’s skull together after brain surgery, and with a patient in severe pain it’s time for Sofia to puther training into practice.

On The Front Line: Episode 2

4.0 7 x
It’s the junior doctors' first Christmas working in the hospital. Zohaib has a difficult conversation, Nick deals with an awkward patient and Howra has to certify her first death.
September 2019

On The Front Line: 1. In at the Deep End

3.0 8 x
Sofia feels the pressure when she is first port of call for over 150 patients on her first surgical on call night shift, and Zohaib is not keen on performing his first rectal exam.
February 2013

7. Four Months On

4.0 42 x
Highlights from the series about life for newly-qualified doctors in a Liverpool hospital.

6. 'What's My Future?'

3.0 69 x
After three months the junior doctors prepare for the end of their first attachments.

5. What They Don't Teach You in Medical School

3.0 24 x
Jen must with the death of her favourite patient. A prisoner Emily is treating escapes.

4. Work/Life Balance

3.0 30 x
The doctors find it hard to balance a social life and the demanding hours at work.
January 2013

3. Dealing with Addiction

3.0 40 x
The doctors learn to deal with the realities of patients addicted to alcohol and drugs.

2. Emotional Cost

3.0 24 x
Tom is forced to think on his feet when his patient has a heart attack.
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