Kevin Mccloud's Rough Guide To The Future

October 2020

Episode 2

4.0 1 x
...the Future: Jon Richardson checks out advances in prolonging life. Phil Wang finds new ways to make a living. Alice Levine reckons robots are becoming as smart as humans. (Ep3/3)

Episode 2

4.0 22 x
...the Future: Jon Richardson visits America's most eco-friendly town. Phil Wang heads for a futuristic farm in China. And in Japan, Alice Levine finds out where robots go to die. (Ep2)
September 2020

Episode 1

3.0 6 x
...the Future: Kevin McCloud is optimistic about tech and the future. Jon Richardson, Phil Wang and Alice Levine, who aren't so sure, travel the world to see what's next. (Ep1/3)
February 2020

Episode 1 Food, Waste and Robots

Expired 3.0 42 x
Kevin dispatches Jon to the US to explore the latest advances in food. Phil is off to China for a stomach-churning solution to waste. And Alice heads for Japan and an encounter with robots.