Late Nite Eats

August 2018


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New. Jordan Andino heads to Atlanta, where he checks out the city's ode to soul food. He takes a trip to his own childhood when he bites into sweet and spicy Candy Coated Wings.


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New. Jordan Andino heads to Charleston, where he begins his visit at one of the city's taprooms. Chef Stacy reveals the secret behind his mouthwatering shrimp and grits.


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New. Jordan Andino heads to Nashville. He visits a late night hangout built in a tree, where the chef Jason Zygmont brings his inventive flair to simple classics.

St. Louis

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New. Jordan samples a Sundae Gambler, a pineapple upside down sundae with bourbon butterscotch and bananas flambe, and gets to try a St. Louis staple - fried ravioli.


Expired 3.0 6 x
New. Jordan Andino heads to Portland, a tiny New England town with lots to offer. He begins his visit with a trip to Nosh, a late night hangout known for supersized sandwiches.


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New. Chef Jordan Andino heads to Providence, Rhode Island, where he finds a small town with a bustling food scene and tries out two very different late night hangouts.


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New. Jordan explores Pittsburgh. He visits The Yard, where he slays his hunger with a Buffy the Mac Slayer - a sandwich with Buffalo chicken and gooey mac n cheese.


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New. Cultures collide in Vancouver as Jordan cracks into a Spanish version of a scotch egg, a Banh Mi Hotdog and potachos - a mashup of tater tots and classic nachos.


Expired 3.0 6 x
New. Jordan Andino explores the Montreal food scene. He heads to steak restaurant Moishe's, which is wowing the younger late night crowd with its filet mignon poutine.


Expired 4.0 7 x
New. Chef Jordan Andino checks out the late-night food scene in Toronto, where chef Colin Rayner blows Jordan's mind with his sophisticated take on fried chicken.
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