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Lee And Dean

The boys are in Spain and have never been happier. They're working hard and enjoying life in the sun, until a grisly discovery sends them spiralling back to their old ways.

May 2019
Lee is desperate to make Dean realise he's changed, while Dean tries to come to terms with his past and face up to the problems in his relationship with Dani
When an old friend of the firm reappears, and another runs into trouble, the boys rally round. Lee is keen to impress with his new responsibilities in business, while Nikki makes a rash decision.
April 2019
The boys are nominated for an award at a prestigious trade show. At the event, both Lee and Dean are made offers they can't refuse, but Dean's opportunity doesn't go quite to plan.
When Lee finds himself with nowhere to live, Dean invites him back to the flat, but it's a very different place now with Dani there. And things go horribly wrong at Terry's Will reading.
A funeral brings Lee and Dean back together for the first time since the revelations of Great Yarmouth. Mrs Bryce-D'Souza has made a fresh start, and Dean has a surprising new addition to his life.
When the stags and hens end up at the same low-rent nightclub, all the secrets, truths and lies are revealed. Will life ever be the same for anyone - especially Lee and Dean?
Lee loses emotionally and financially on a night out at the races, Dean meets someone that could change his life forever, and booze and frayed emotions finish a tumultuous day
As Lee's romantic and financial worries mount, Mrs Bryce-D'Souza and Nikki start to develop an unlikely friendship
Lee broods when Dean starts dating Mrs Bryce-D'Souza, and the flat gets cramped, forcing Dean to make a rash decision...
March 2018
Lee meets Nikki and seems smitten, and Dean's nose is put out of joint when she moves into their flat and takes over organising Lee's birthday party