Live Well For Longer

August 2018

Episode 4 Diet & Gut Bacteria

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Kate and Tamal investigate the subject of diet and the gut's bacteria - ranging from mental health to sauerkraut. And is the balloon pill really the answer to the obesity crisis?

Episode 3 Back Pain & Disease

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Kate Quilton and Tamal Ray investigate whether osteopathy, physiotherapy or yoga can help with lower back pain. They also look at the risks of online DNA testing kits.
July 2018

Episode 2 Stress & Blood Pressure

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Kate and Tamal investigate stress - from the impact of pollution to the possible benefits of singing. Also, can porridge, beetroot or coconut water reduce blood pressure?

Episode 1 Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

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Presenters Kate Quilton, Tamal Ray, and reporter Morland Sanders, investigate sex, drugs and alcohol, including male contraception, smart drugs, and what happens when you take a month off the booze