Lose Weight And Get Fit With Tom Kerridge

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Lose Weight And Get Fit With Tom Kerridge

In the final week of the challenge, Tom and his gang discover how much weight they have lost and how much fitter they are, before enjoying a celebration picnic by the river.

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Series 1
After four weeks, the gang are more adventurous and confident with their cooking and exercise. Now, Tom needs to prepare them for life after the challenge when he won’t be around.
The gang are fighting temptation so Tom invents tasty treats which won't wreck their diets. And Adam has exercises to help Manny with his diabetes and Chris with his arthritis.
The gang are short on time for cooking and exercise so Tom offers solutions to keep them on track, including quick and delicious recipes and some top tips for planning ahead.
The gang are back home, getting to grips with their new lifestyles. Tom provides familiar and comforting recipes to enjoy, then borrows a bike for a cycle ride with Dan and Alex.
Tom Kerridge's weight loss and fitness challenge begins. Tom and his volunteers are introduced to the diet and exercise programme they need to follow for the next two months.