Losing It Our Mental Health Emergency

February 2020

Episode 4 Street Triage

Expired 4.5 58 x
A look at the work of Street Triage, a blue-light rapid response team in Nottinghamshire, where the number of attempted suicides is staggering and ward beds are in short supply

Episode 3 Josh, Christopher & Zoe

Expired 3.0 93 x
Josh is brought to A&E after trying to kill himself. Is it safe to send the 15-year-old home? After 11 years and multiple issues, Christopher faces being discharged from the service.
January 2020

Episode 2 Three Teenage Girls

Expired 4.0 65 x
A young teen comes to A&E having self-harmed. A 16-year-old is on the psychiatric ward. And a 14-year-old's eating disorder risks permanent harm to her body.

Episode 1 Laura & Briena

Expired 4.3 173 x
Two weeks after becoming a mum, Laura is sectioned having tried to drive into a brick wall. And is 11-year-old Briena really suicidal, or is the underlying diagnosis more complicated?
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