Lost And Found

October 2019

Episode 12

Expired 3.0 5 x
Stray Doris delivers a litter of gorgeous puppies. Frisbee is handed in due to his owner's ill health, and is taken in by a foster carer. And a Pomeranian bolts late at night in Leeds.

Episode 6

Expired 4.0 2 x
Dotty is unchipped and dumped. She survived her ordeal on the streets but how will she cope in kennels? Westie Jasper doesn't like people or dogs. Will he find a new owner who can cope?

Episode 20

Expired 4.0 6 x
A French bulldog, rescued from illegal importation, has major surgery to fix his disjointed hips. And there's a surprise twist in store for the pooch. A deaf puppy gets on with her life.

Episode 19

Expired 4.0 8 x
A blind pug cross puppy hopes someone will take her on. A lurcher named Mickey Blue Eyes hopes his good looks will result in a new home. And a Chihuahua is on the run in Chester.

Episode 18

Expired 4.0 9 x
A heavily pregnant pug cross loses her owner shortly before her litter arrives. And a blind Lab shows everyone that his impairment won't hold him back when it comes to finding a new home.

Episode 17

Expired 4.0 6 x
Two strays start their rehoming journey together, each facing their own health problems. A family of three red setters are found in a shed, and a Norfolk terrier vanishes from her farm.

Episode 16

Expired 3.0 0 x
Boxer cross Bow is hoping it's second time lucky after rehoming doesn't work out. A Weimaraner is handed in when his owner's situation changes. And a Siberian husky runs away from home.

Episode 15

Expired 4.0 4 x
A nervous lurcher has lost her appetite, so staff rebuild her confidence and weight. A long-coat Chihuahua is found on the streets, as staff try to work out what's caused her blindness.

Episode 7

Expired 4.0 7 x
A nun adopts a dog without permission from the convent. Will they have faith in her decision and let him stay? Abandoned new mum Annabelle is found on the street without her litter.

Episode 14

Expired 4.0 2 x
Rescued with 90 other dogs, a pregnant terrier is rushed in for a caesarean. Will her five puppies make it? And three smuggled dachshund puppies are rescued at the Port of Dover.