Max And Harvey: Fomo

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 32 - When Max and Harvey Saved You from FOMO One Last Time...

3.0 7 x
Max and Harvey review their cameo in the new series of The Amelia Gething Complex and look back at the very first episode of FOMO with CBBC’s favourite K9, Hacker T Dog.

Series 3, Episode 31 - When Max and Harvey Played Musical Instruments with Anna Maynard...

4.0 6 x
In this episode, Max and Harvey take on Anna Maynard in a musical challenge and sing their new song, Worry A Little Less.

Series 3, Episode 30 - When Max and Harvey Got Back on the Saddle

3.0 3 x
Max and Harvey watch a brand new episode of Mystic, so if you love horses, saddle up and join them! They also do a cool science experiment with Dr Nate!

Series 3, Episode 29 - When Max and Harvey Made a Mother’s Day Card

4.0 4 x
Max and Harvey make a Blue Peter-inspired Mother's Day treat, FOMO style! They also go behind the scenes of their latest music video.

Series 3, Episode 28

3.0 5 x
Do you have the Fomo? Max and Harvey chat to Rio Fredrika from The Playlist! There’s also the final Max versus Harvey challenge which involves some disgusting tasting jelly beans!

Series 3, Episode 27 - When Max and Harvey Chatted to Joe Tasker

4.0 6 x
Max and Harvey bring you up to speed with all things CBBC and more! In this episode they chat to Joe Tasker, and do the amazing 'Elephant Toothpaste' science experiment!

Series 3, Episode 26 - When Max and Harvey Quizzed Dani Harmer

4.0 5 x
Max and Harvey chat to CBBC royalty Dani Harmer - aka Tracy Beaker! There is also a football-themed Max v Harvey challenge, hosted by Liv Cooke.

Series 3, Episode 25 - When Max and Harvey Made FOMO Pancakes

3.0 11 x
Max and Harvey make disgusting pancakes in celebration of the brand new series of Step Up To the Plate, and also sing their brand new track Worry a Little Less.

Series 3, Episode 24 - When Max and Harvey Got Excited For The Dumping Ground Finale...

4.0 10 x
Max and Harvey fix your FOMO as they get super excited for The Dumping Ground Finale and sing a cover of This City by Sam Fischer.

Series 3, Episode 23 - When Max and Harvey Put Lauren Layfield To The Test...

4.0 10 x
Do you have the Fomo? Max and Harvey chat to Lauren Layfield who is the new presenter of The Dog Ate My Homework and they battle it out in a Max versus Harvey challenge