Me and My Monsters


Series 1: 7. My Big Fat Monster Wedding

Expired 3.0 61 x
When Nick messes up his and Kate's anniversary, Fiend, Haggis and Norman kidnap him.

Series 2: 13. Monstersitter

Expired 3.0 33 x
Eddie and Angela's new babysitter turns out to be a monster catcher.

Series 2: 12. Alone Together

Expired 3.0 66 x
When the monsters are left home alone, they receive a surprise visit from burglars.

Series 2: 11. Swap Fever

Expired 3.0 37 x
Kate and Nick decide to swap roles - leading to even more chaos in the household.

Series 2: 10. Chain Gang

Expired 3.0 33 x
Fiend accidentally chains Angela and Norman together just before Angela's date arrives.
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