Mega Mansion Hunters


February 24, 2022

4.5 19 x
Tyron wants a slice of Cheshire's high-end property pie, but can he convince agent Brett to relocate? As Sophie hits rock bottom, a helping hand comes from a most unexpected place. (Ep3/3)

February 16, 2022

3.0 10 x
It's awards time at luxury estate agents Tyron Ash. As rivals Alex and Quas battle for the kudos of the top spot, can a struggling Sophie avoid being dumped on the 'Cowboy List'? (Ep2/3)

February 9, 2022

3.0 23 x
Luxury estate agents Tyron Ash are glamorous, fast and brilliant at selling high-end homes for big money. But staff competition is cut-throat - which means plenty of bust-ups too. (Ep1/3)