Michael Wood


On Beowulf

3.0 32 x
Focusing on Beowulf, historian Michael Wood traces English poetry back to the Dark Ages.(R)
Episodes 2012

6. Freedom

3.0 22 x
This episode examines the British Raj and India's struggle for freedom.(R)

5. The Meeting of Two Oceans

3.0 30 x
Michael charts the coming of Islam and one of the great ages of civilisation, the Mughals.(R)

4. Ages of Gold

3.0 22 x
How India calculated the earth's circumference and wrote the world's first sex guide.(R)

3. Spice Routes and Silk Roads

3.0 24 x
Michael Wood traces India in the days of the Roman Empire.(R)

2. The Power of Ideas

3.0 26 x
The epic series moves on to the revolutionary years after 500BC - the Age of the Buddha.(R)

1. Beginnings

3.0 27 x
Michael Wood charts the first human migrations out of Africa to the subcontinent.(R)
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