Monroe catch up

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 6

3.0 25 x
Nick's stag party is halted by a fatal traffic accident.

Series 2, Episode 2

4.0 21 x
Bremner and Shepherd's relationship is unravelling. Monroe faces a challenging case.

Episode of Tuesday 6 November 2012

3.0 107 x
Nick's stag party is halted when a fatal traffic accident results in the whole team being called in to the hospital - where the facilities are stretched to breaking point.

Episode of Tuesday 30 October 2012

3.0 90 x
Monroe and Bremner attempt parallel miracles - curing the epilepsy of a middle-aged woman and a heart transplant for a teenage girl. It's just a pity their love lives are about to

Episode of Monday 22 October 2012

3.0 31 x
Monroe has his hands full pursuing Lizzie while playing agony aunt to Shepherd. Then an awkward, violent woman is admitted to St Matthew's with a deadly cerebral aneurysm.

Episode of Monday 15 October 2012

3.0 44 x
Monroe finds himself without purpose after a catastrophic operation. Grave complications mean Bremner's operation on a five-year-old refugee turns into a race against time.

Episode of Monday 8 October 2012

3.0 31 x
Drama series about a maverick neurosurgeon. Bremner and Shepherd's relationship is unravelling, and Monroe faces one of most challenging cases of his career.

Episode of Monday 1 October 2012

3.0 69 x
Drama series. Monroe goes head to head with his new boss when he elects to operate on a patient with a deadly vascular anomaly. Jenny Bremner returns to find her power diminished.