Moving On


February 22, 2016

Expired 3.0 1 x
Working at the same taxi rank, Linda and Frank are colleagues, confidantes and friends. And that's all they are... at least for Linda. Frank, on the other hand, could not love her more. But he can never find the courage to tell her. Every moment he tries, the words just stick in his mouth.
Episodes 2016

November 14, 2016

Expired 3.0 7 x
Separated from his wife, Liam has begun to move on with his life, but he still longs to be back with his family. When he and his new girlfriend bump into his daughter, Jess, he buys her alcohol for a party in a desperate attempt to reconnect. When Liam receives a call that Jess is in a coma after a drunken fall, he immediately knows it's his fault. However, tragedy can bring people together and in this case, it brings Liam and his ex-wife closer. He's getting his old life back but the guilt is ...

November 11, 2016

Expired 4.0 6 x
After receiving a inheritance from her late mother, Kim can finally buy a house for herself and Grace, her daughter. It is a dream come true for Kim, however, the house needs a lot of work, and she cannot afford the rates for builders - until she meets Kenny, who is charming, funny and affordable. Kim is blown away. The catch is that Kenny doesn't work by the book, which explains his prices. Kim knows it's wrong, but by then she has grown extremely fond of Kenny, much to her boyfriend's annoyan...

November 10, 2016

Expired 4.0 5 x
Nathan is a hardworking young man who wants nothing more than to move out and start a life for himself and his girlfriend, Lucy. However, he's not earning enough in his two part time jobs and needs a break. So, when he is offered the job at a luxury car factory he is ecstatic. What he doesn't realise is that it is a zero-hours contract, which leaves his life controlled by work, as he doesn't know his shifts from one day to the next. As it starts affecting his relationship, Nathan makes a choice...

November 8, 2016

Expired 3.0 12 x
Clare is a working mother of two boys. Her eldest is at university and her youngest, Matt, is at his first music festival. When he returns, she is so excited to see him, but his visit is short as he announces that he is going on holiday with his new girlfriend from the festival. Clare is devastated as she realises that her baby is growing up and away from her. Whilst helping him pack, in a moment of madness, she steals his passport to stop him leaving. Matt is distraught when he cannot find it ...

November 7, 2016

Expired 4.0 15 x
Mati has lived with his adopted mother Rosie and brother George, who has Down's syndrome, since he was seven years old. On his 18th birthday, in the midst of all the celebrations, he discovers that his leave to remain in the country has been declined. He's being deported. Devastated and terrified, he lies to Rosie that he can stay. The next day Mati leaves for work as normal but doesn't return. Desperate to stay in the UK, he goes on the run. When Rosie and George discover the letter, they begi...

March 11, 2016

Expired 3.0 2 x
Hapless plumber Billy has always struggled with gambling - he claims it's under control, but with bills and repossession notices piling up, his wife Michelle is close to breaking point. Billy has had to sell his van to pay off debts, and is getting by on small plumbing jobs. Even then Billy can't help himself - he gambles the money a customer gave him for parts, and ends up having to steal a pair of taps from the betting shop toilets to complete the job. Even his mate Dave won't lend him any mo...

March 10, 2016

Expired 3.0 18 x
Caroline is an army wife who recently moved to barracks with a new baby. Her husband Tom is on his first tour away, and Caroline finds it hard to adjust to life alone. They keep in touch as much as they can, but it's hard work - the baby's had colic and won't stop screaming. The wives' network is strong, but Caroline is struggling to fit in. All the other women seem strong and calm, neat and tidy - why is she such a mess?

March 9, 2016

Expired 3.0 10 x
When Phil's dad Charlie falls down the stairs, Phil knows he is going to have to help out more. It is tough with his demanding job at the technical college, but Phil is there every day - shopping, cleaning, and the more intimate tasks that would test any father/son relationship. Fortunately, he has wife Sue to help out. But Charlie is the most stubborn patient you could meet and when he falls out with Sue, leaving the burden of care on Phil's shoulders alone, the pressure on Phil becomes unbear...

March 8, 2016

Expired 3.0 12 x
Contemporary drama. Gary and Lisa are only in their early thirties, but they have been treading water for years. Hapless Gary is completely oblivious, so is distraught when Lisa suddenly announces that she wants a divorce; he thought they were happy, he thought they were going to have kids. His mates tell him that it will all blow over, but Lisa is determined that this is the end. But with each of them unable - or unwilling - to move out, a compromise has to be reached: Lisa will have the upsta...