Mr Men


1. Airports

3.0 12 x
Mr Stubborn tries to find the perfect parking space at the airport.

26. Supermarket

4.0 11 x
Mr Bump tours a supermarket while Miss Naughty puts surprises in cereal boxes.

25. Radio

4.0 25 x
Mr Grumpy wants the wireless turned off during a road trip with Mr Happy.

24. Fruit

4.0 16 x
Mr Rude delivers fruit baskets. Mr Quiet takes a ride on Miss Daredevil's juiced-up jet.

22. Seashore

4.0 12 x
The Mr Men head to the beach for all sorts of frolics!

21. Washing and Drying

4.0 8 x
Mr Fussy is forced to do his washing in Mr Messy's basement.

20. Telephone

3.0 9 x
Mr Rude talks loudly on his mobile during Mr Fussy's concert.

18. Dining Out

3.0 6 x
Mr Fussy has trouble keeping down his food at Miss Magic's cafe.

17. Sun and Moon

4.0 8 x
Mr Grumpy is upset when he is awoken by Mr Scatterbrain's late night gardening.

16. Eyeglasses

3.0 6 x
All about eyeglasses. Miss Whoops loses hers on an aeroplane. And Mr Happy needs a pair.
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