Murder in Paradise


3. Episode 3

3.0 7 x
An examination into the death of Jean Hanlon in Crete, 2009.

2. The Outback Killer: Mia & Tom's Story

3.0 0 x
A look into a double murder in Queensland, Australia.
Episodes 2018

1. Episode 1

4.0 9 x
Documentary examing the murder of a self-made millionaire.

Season 1, Episode 1

3.0 12 x
Documentary examing the murder of a self-made British millionaire, shot dead by his former partner - a Slovakian model - at his villa in Spain in 2014.
Episodes 2016

April 27, 2016

Expired 3.0 30 x
The story of how two British backpackers were murdered on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand
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