Museum Secrets

January 2018

Inside the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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Discover more about one of the world's oldest art museums, which houses work by Renaissance masters - and the bones of a Baroque painter.

Inside the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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The Israel Museum houses a huge collection of biblical archaeology. Here we find out the truth about crucifixion and where King Herod was buried.

Inside the Palacio Real, Madrid

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Both a museum and the Spanish royals' official residence, the Palacio Real houses a huge array of artwork and treasures. Learn more about it here.

Inside the Bardo Museum, Tunisia

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Marvels from the world's most magnificent museums. Learn more about the Romans and Hannibal at the Bardo Museum and see some of the Star Wars sets.
May 2017

Inside the Royal Museums, Greenwich

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Witness the National Maritime Museum's marvellous collection of seafaring treasures. Relics include Nelson's jacket from the Battle of Trafalgar.

Inside the Chateau de Versailles

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Formerly a royal house, the Palace of Versailles is now a museum of French history. Learn more about figures such as Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV.

Inside the Smithsonian Institution

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Celebrating the world's iconic museums. Find out about the Harley-Davidson and the original Star-Spangled Banner at the Smithsonian in Washington.

Inside the State Historical Museum, Moscow

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Why did communist Lenin drive a Rolls-Royce? What torturous methods did Ivan the Terrible employ? Find out as we visit the Russian capital.
August 2016

Inside the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

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Founded by Catherine the Great, the Hermitage boasts three million items. Marvel at tattooed mummies and a priceless black square!


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See stunning architecture and relics from the National Archaeological Museum of Greece. Experts try to unlock the mystery of the complex 2,000-year-old Antikythera mechanism.