My Almost Famous Family

September 2013

11. Christmas Time

4.0 52 x
The Totally Annabelle Christmas Special is coming live from the Swann's living room.

10. Can't Get You Out of My Head

3.0 73 x
Hadley and Isaac get hooked on a not very rock and roll supermarket computer game.

11. Born to Be Wild

3.0 30 x
When Hadley is mugged by girls, he wants to leave the band.

11. Take a Chance on Me

3.0 31 x
Toyah and Aretha compete to write a song for R&B star Monelle.

7. Matters of the Harp

3.0 47 x
A small lie from Hadley has him passing himself off as the bad boy of Harp.

6. Can't Touch This

3.0 64 x
Gary and Shalondra get locked in the recording studio spying on the kids.

5. Beat Surrender

3.0 45 x
Gary and Shalondra announce a maths test and anyone who fails is out of the band.

11. Piece of Me

3.0 33 x
Shalondra devises a chart to make sure Gary does not miss sport with Hadley and Isaac.

11. The Sound of Silence

3.0 35 x
Aretha loses her hearing just as a record exec comes to see her perform.

2. The Girl is Mine

3.0 61 x
Terry plays loud guitar just when Toyah needs to practice for her grade eight cello exam.
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