My Family Secrets Revealed

December 2018

Episode 6

3.0 0 x
It's an emotional journey for Janice Markey from Wales. There's an unexpected family reunion. And Trudy Brant learns of her grandparents' experiences during the Indian partition.

Episode 5

3.5 15 x
Tessa Dunlop delivers life-changing news to grandmother Carmen Edwards. Expectant mother Sara Jardine gets the answers to her questions. Paul Toon learns an awe-inspiring truth.

Episode 4

4.0 16 x
June Bridges discovers her grandfather's military history; Annette Dunster hears the shocking truth about her great-great-aunt Daisy; Stewart Heath finds his correct family tree.

Episode 3

3.0 11 x
Tessa Dunlop investigates the story behind a missing WWI Widow's Penny. Christine Neill hopes for a royal connection. And Susan Newcombe's grandfather's identity is revealed.

Episode 2

4.0 8 x
Onyeka Nubia takes Christopher James on a journey of discovery. There's astonishing news for former British triathlete Caron Rogers. Tiffany Teasdale wants a family rumour settled.

Episode 1

3.0 39 x
Brand new series that helps the public connect directly with their family history. In the first episode, it's an emotional journey for terminally ill Julie Coates from Liverpool.
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