My Family Secrets Revealed

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My Family Secrets Revealed

Ann Macey is convinced her Victorian ancestors hid a dark secret; Brad Argent solves the mystery. Lorna Holder finds out her ancestor's link to the sinking of the HMT Lancastria.

Dawn Conway finds out if her granddad's impressive family story is really true. And Frederic Winstone is overwhelmed by details about his Mauritian grandfather's links to slavery.
Onyeka Nubia reveals the stark truth to an emotional Jonty Stern. There's a revelation for Anthony Ginman. John Jarrett gets a resolution to the rumour that's blighted his life.
There's an unexpected reunion for Stephen McWilliams who discovers incredible information about his father. And Peter Jones finds out if he's directly related to a war hero.
It's case closed for retired police officer David Bunce. Keith Attwood reunites some WWI medals with their rightful relatives. Stephen Gerard Scullion seeks clues in an old photo.
Sandra Cummings is on a mission to finish her late father's quest. And Brad Argent has some interesting facts to reveal about Amy Jayne McGarry Thickitt's family's colourful past.
Octogenarian Caroline Owen wants a historic secret settled; John Bartlett discovers the shocking truth about his family. And is Dubliner Jeremy Kenny linked to George Clooney?
It's an emotional journey for Janice Markey from Wales. There's an unexpected family reunion. And Trudy Brant learns of her grandparents' experiences during the Indian partition.
Tessa Dunlop delivers life-changing news to grandmother Carmen Edwards. Expectant mother Sara Jardine gets the answers to her questions. Paul Toon learns an awe-inspiring truth.
June Bridges discovers her grandfather's military history; Annette Dunster hears the shocking truth about her great-great-aunt Daisy; Stewart Heath finds his correct family tree.
Tessa Dunlop investigates the story behind a missing WWI Widow's Penny. Christine Neill hopes for a royal connection. And Susan Newcombe's grandfather's identity is revealed.
Onyeka Nubia takes Christopher James on a journey of discovery. There's astonishing news for former British triathlete Caron Rogers. Tiffany Teasdale wants a family rumour settled.
Brand new series that helps the public connect directly with their family history. In the first episode, it's an emotional journey for terminally ill Julie Coates from Liverpool.
Episodes 2018
Mary Perkins is stunned to discover a family she never knew about, Christine Ball finds out if she's related to a famous detective, and Phyllis Elliott goes back to her roots
Lindsay McLoughlin discovers the scandalous truth about her great-grandmother. Yvonne and son Alan get more than they bargained for. Charlotte Hall fills in her family tree.