My Mate's A Bad Date

February 2020

Series 1: 6. Vicky

4.5 21 x
21-year-old Vicky is super-picky. Oloni wants her to drop her guard, open up and stop analysing her dates, but she has to pull out all the stops to melt this ice queen.

Series 1: 5. Lewis

4.0 14 x
Can relationship expert Oloni help hopeless romantic, 20-year-old Lewis, get a second date and stop him scaring away potential partners by planning their wedding on date one?

Series 1: 4. Tyler

3.0 4 x
25-year-old serial bad dater Tyler goes all in on all her dates. She thinks Mr Right is the male version of herself, so Oloni puts that idea to the test.
January 2020

Series 1: 3. Dami

4.0 12 x
Can relationship expert Oloni help 24-year-old Londoner and serial bad dater Dami ditch the interrogation act and rudeness and last out an entire date?

Series 1: 2. Khalil

3.0 16 x
21-year-old Khalil can't get a second date. Oloni thinks that remembering his dates' names, dropping the 'baby girl' tag and cooling off on the bragging might help.

Series 1: 1. Kelsie

4.5 65 x
21-year-old Kelsie loves showing off her acrobatic party tricks on first dates and once cheated on a boy for a bite of a kebab. Oloni has her hands full with this bad dater.