November 2012

6. Fighting to the End

3.0 28 x
Fear and hatred of Bolshevism drove many Germans to fight to the bitter end.

5. The Road to Treblinka

3.0 29 x
How the invasion of the Soviet Union radicalised the Nazi policy against the Jews.
October 2012

4. The Wild East

3.0 11 x
New insights into the Nazi reign of terror in Poland.

3. The Wrong War

3.0 17 x
How Hitler found himself at war with Britain, a country whose achievements he admired.

2. Chaos and Consent

3.0 18 x
A look at the degree of voluntary support ordinary Germans gave the infamous Gestapo.

1. Helped into Power

3.0 30 x
By January 1933, Germany had voted for a Chancellor who was openly opposed to democracy.
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