Neighbourhood Watched


April 11, 2013

3.0 22 x
Tenancy enforcement manager Alan nears the end of a particularly troublesome case.
Episodes 2012

Episode 5

3.0 26 x
Officer David Wright is caught between 42-year-old Anne and her upstairs neighbour Jimmy.

Episode 4

3.0 18 x
Housing officer Cat Towl finds that a tenant has died and his body lain undiscovered.(R)

Episode 3

3.0 27 x
One tenant's hoarding has become bad for his health and a fire risk for his neighbours.(R)

Episode 2

3.0 19 x
One tenant's chaotic lifestyle causes his neighbours to call the housing association.(R)

Episode 1

3.0 63 x
A simple noise nuisance complaint escalates to a serious dispute in an Eccles high rise.(R)
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