December 2012

12. More Number 2

3.0 37 x
The Numtums play hide and seek - which of the two kites is Numtum Two hiding behind?

11. More Number 1

3.0 29 x
Numtum Number One gets everyone drumming and climbs a very particular mountain.

10. Number Ten

3.0 22 x
Ten giraffes get down to some disco music and there are ten beautiful butterflies!

9. Number Nine

3.0 56 x
Nine robots come to life for a boogie and there are nine baby rabbits.

8. Number Eight

3.0 12 x
Eight diggers in dressing up outfits come to life and there are eight tree frogs.

7. Number Seven

3.0 45 x
Nervous Numtum Number Seven juggles seven teddy bears.

6. Number Six

3.0 16 x
Super Numtum flies in to do some sleuthing and saves the day by finding the number six.

5. Number Five

3.0 18 x
Five dressed-up toys come to life for a disco boogie and five hamsters make an appearance.

4. Number Four

3.0 67 x
Four footballers get down to some disco music and four armadillos make an appearance.

3. Number Three

3.0 19 x
Three toy dinosaurs come to life for a disco boogie and three owls make an appearance.