Only When I Laugh


Episode 6: When Did You Last See Your Father?

3.0 15 x
An old drunk who collapses in reception has actually come in to visit his long-lost son.

Episode 5: Escape

3.0 19 x
A convict is admitted to the ward. Figgis and company become somewhat squeamish especially as the warder, meant to be keeping an eye on him, keeps disappearing because he is scared of hospitals.

Episode of Saturday 24 May 2014

3.0 10 x
Episode of Saturday 24 May 2014 of the TV-show Only When I Laugh was broadcasted by ITV3 on Thursday 22 May 2014 at 16:15.

Episode of Sunday 25 May 2014

3.0 8 x
Hospital sitcom. Figgis discovers an interest in psychiatry.

Episode of Friday 23 May 2014

3.0 9 x
Hospital sitcom. Dr Thorpe finds himself in a difficult situation when a female patient declares herself passionately in love with him.
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