Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover

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Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover

The doctors reveal the strength of your jaw, and they see if they can take the heat when they try their hands at being hospital ward chefs.

Series 5
The doctors reveal the job your pancreas does to keep your blood sugar levels in check, and they find out what it's like to be the hospital postman.
The doctors find out why we burp and film Dr Xand burping from the inside. They also get behind the wheel to discover what it takes to be a good ambulance driver.
The doctors reveal the amazing army of germ fighters that make up your immune system, and they find out just how difficult it is to clean a baby's incubator.
The doctors reveal the special cells in your eyes which help you see, and they find out what it takes to be a hospital entertainer.
The doctors reveal how amazing your saliva is, and they find out why the hospital's maintenance team work with birds of prey.
The doctors reveal why a body cannot survive without oxygen for more than three minutes, and they find out what it is like to be 999 call handlers.
The doctors reveal how important cartilage is to your body with the help of a suit of armour, and they find out what it takes to be a hospital porter.
The doctors reveal how your eardrum works to enable you to hear, and they find out how tough it is to be hospital radio hosts.
The doctors reveal what makes you flexible as they test the incredible strength of a tendon to the max, and they find out what it's like to be an air ambulance pilot.