Our B&B Dream

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 35 - Bournemouth

3.0 32 x
Bournemouth mum Linda Smith is keen to generate some funds with which to celebrate her teenage daughter's birthday. Having only recently set up a small business, Ms Smith needs some timesaving tips, so Lisa helps to streamline her B&B expectations.

Series 1, Episode 34 - Southbourne

3.0 19 x
Lisa meets theatre-loving B&B hopefuls Ray and Ken, whose Bournemouth-adjacent home could be just the ticket for a characterful guesthouse. To help their plans along, Lisa scopes out a niche market for the couple, and challenges them to wow their visitors with an unforgettable breakfast.

Series 1, Episode 33 - Gravesend

4.0 14 x
Gravesend husband- and wife-to-be David and Tracey are keen to realise the money-spinning potential of a vacant annexe situated in their garden. Lisa checks out the local accommodation landscape, and soon the fun-loving couple are readying the versatile space to host tradespeople working on major building projects in the a...

Series 1, Episode 32

4.0 11 x
Lisa visits Maidstone, where Marianne and Clive exhibit some unashamedly retro tastes. Having flirted with the hospitality business over the years, the couple now want to up their game. Lisa shows them how the pros do it, but can she convince them to ditch the kitsch?

Series 1, Episode 31

4.0 4 x
Lisa Holloway meets people who hope to turn their empty rooms into potential goldmines.

Series 1, Episode 29 - Ripon

3.0 10 x
Lisa swings by a little Yorkshire summerhouse, whose owners Andy and Angela have lavished a madcap Alice in Wonderland theme upon their garden getaway. Worried that the prospective B&B has an identity crisis, Lisa tries to help the pair find a clearer focus for it.

Series 1, Episode 28

3.0 9 x
Lisa is in the seaside town of Margate in Kent, visiting an imposing five-storey Victorian town house. It is the home of English language teacher Martine and her daughter Vibs, who have been hosting foreign language students for well over 20 years, but who now want to transform their home from student digs to boutique B&B.

Series 1, Episode 27 - Ramsgate

4.0 17 x
Ramsgate historian Diane's countless knickknacks nestle alongside her husband's cherished pinball machines, making it hard to see the wood for the trees. Lisa steps in to help bring out the boutique hotel in the couple's higgledy-piggledy home.

Series 1, Episode 26

3.0 15 x
Lisa is in rambling country to walk retired nurse Pam through the basics of B&B upkeep. Lisa has plenty of ideas to make the Derbyshire cottage attractive to the region's scores of holidaymakers, but first she has a dated bathroom to revamp.

Series 1, Episode 25

4.0 13 x
Lisa Holloway meets people who hope to turn their empty rooms into potential goldmines.