Oz and James Drink to Britain


February 29, 2016

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As Oz Clarke and James May's drinking odyssey ends, they try British sparkling wine in Sussex, visit a Kentish hop garden and ask: what is the drink of modern Britain?
Episodes 2015

October 12, 2015

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Oz Clarke and James May drink their way around Britain and Ireland. In south-west England, they visit a traditional Somerset cider farm and the famous Plymouth Gin distillery.

October 11, 2015

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Banter and beverages around the UK. In Wales, the duo find a 'beverage plant' that makes famous 'foreign beers', and their homebrews are judged at the Worcester Beer Festival.

October 10, 2015

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A toast to the UK's remarkable range of drinks with Oz Clarke and James May. The pair test some of the world's most extreme beers and try being barmen at a pub in Stourbridge.

October 9, 2015

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The beverage bonanza continues for travelling companions Oz Clarke and James May. The pair visit Dublin's Guinness brewery, but there's a problem - James doesn't like Guinness!

October 8, 2015

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Thirsty duo Oz Clarke and James May profile the UK's best drinks. In Scotland, the pair attend a blindfolded seminar on whisky and meet the radical brewers of Edinburgh.

October 7, 2015

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Oz Clarke and James May continue their slightly tipsy travelogue! The duo visit a tiny brewery in Wigan before James challenges Oz to a home brewing competition in Newcastle.

October 6, 2015

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Oz Clarke and James May hit the road to sample the amazing range of drinks on offer in Britain. Starting at the White Cliffs, they go north to learn what makes a pint of beer.