Paralympians: Dare to Believe

September 2016

Natasha Baker

Expired 3.0 8 x
Transverse myelitis left Natasha with nerve damage in her legs but did little to lessen her love of horse riding or chasing her Paralympic dream which, two 2012 golds later, is set to continue in Rio.

Jack Rutter

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On the verge of being a professional footballer, Jack was caught in an unprovoked assault that left him with mild cerebral palsy in his limbs. Now he'll captain the GB 7-a-side football team in Rio.

Lauren Steadman

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Being born without a right arm did nothing to thwart Lauren's dreams. After two Paralympics as a swimmer, she decided to give paratriathlon a go and now she's world champion and targeting gold in Rio.

Georgie Hermitage

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Despite growing up with cerebral palsy, Georgie rejected athletics when her coach suggested she compete in disability sport. But London 2012 changed her mind and now she's a strong contender for Rio.

Hannah Cockroft

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Doctors said Hannah would never live an independent life, but her love of sport led her dad to weld her first racing chair and she's gone on to multiple Paralympic and world titles. Bring on Rio!

Jordanne Whiley

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As a child, brittle bone disease caused Jordanne to break her legs 26 times and be bullied. But since her dad put a tennis racket in her hand she's gone on to win multiple Grand Slams. Next stop Rio.

Ali Jawad

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Born in Lebanon with no legs, Ali bench-pressed 100kg on his first visit to the gym - now that's talent. This is the story of the mental and physical strength he'll use as he lifts for gold in Rio.