Pat and Cabbage

Pat and Cabbage catch up

October 2013

Episode 6

3.0 57 x
Comedy about two sixty-something ladies. Cabbage bumps into her ex-husband and his new partner and invites them to dinner. Pat is nervous about taking the next step with Michael.

Episode 5

3.0 25 x
Comedy about the lives of two funny sixty-something ladies. Cabbage takes Pat away for a relaxing weekend, but the peace is shattered when both their families turn up unannounced.
September 2013

Episode 3

3.0 36 x
Comedy about two sixty-something ladies who find themselves single for the first time in decades. Cabbage and Pat are shocked but excited to discover that Dylan might be a dad.

Episode 4

3.0 45 x
Comedy. Cabbage and Pat go to a butchery class to meet single men, but the only male there is the teacher, Terry. Meanwhile, Nicola is not the only one in awe of Dylan.

Episode 2

3.0 41 x
Comedy about two sixty-something ladies. The family gather round to celebrate Pat's grandson Jack's birthday, but Cabbage causes trouble. Jim and Dylan bond over a love of music.

Episode 1

4.0 99 x
Brand new comedy about two sixty-something ladies. When Pat admits she has a crush on Michael, Cabbage hatches a plan to bring them together - but things do not go to plan.