Phil Spencer: History Of Britain In 100 Homes

February 2019

Episode 4 Working Class Homes

4.0 5 x
Phil looks at the three decades of homes between 1850 and 1880, when working class slums were transformed into decent family abodes

Episode 3 The Industrial Revolution

3.0 25 x
Phil examines how the Industrial Revolution completely changed Britain and left us with homes in Napoleonic forts, canal boats and city tenements

Episode 2 Lavish Properties and Revolutionary Social Housing

3.0 32 x
Phil tells the story of Britain in the 16th and 17th centuries through more amazing homes, from lavish properties to revolutionary social housing
January 2019

Episode 1 From Cave Dwellers to Home Makers

3.0 42 x
Over 13,000 years of homes, from 11,000 BC to the 1600s. Phil reveals 13 homes of all shapes, sizes and styles, from primitive prehistoric pads to houses built as status symbols.
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