Police Custody USA


April 18, 2022

4.0 5 x
Four gas stations are violently robbed at gunpoint by a masked man, all in one night, all of it on camera. Can detectives find the robber and get justice for a terrified community? (Ep4/4)

April 11, 2022

4.0 2 x
A quiet Kansas neighbourhood is shaken by a double homicide in a local deli. What lies behind the seemingly senseless murders and will the killer be brought to justice? (Ep3/4)

April 4, 2022

3.0 7 x
The Narcotics Squad are fighting a war against meth which is ravaging Kansas City. Using the tactic of turning dealers against dealers, detectives hope to capture a drugs kingpin. (Ep2/4)

March 28, 2022

3.0 15 x
A man is shot dead at point-blank range on a hot afternoon in a trailer park in Kansas. Veteran homicide detectives think it's a family affair. But can they prove it? (Ep1/4)