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Poppy Cat

The gang discover a giant spotted egg which Owl identifies as that of a Bumblebird.

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Series 1
The gang hear a distress call from Rocket-Cat on Zuzu's new Rocket-Cat radio.
Poppy's friends encourage her to be the first cat to fly around the world.
Alma's new magic beetle fails to grant a wish.
A thrilled Alma performs her special umbrella dance for her friends.
A birthday gift for Little Opie, the octopus, drops from the sky.
Poppy and her friends find a treasure map on her birthday, one that leads to a surprise!
The gang must save Rocket-Cat when he is trapped by a giant robot.
Poppy and her friends go on a quest to find a treasure chest full of gold.
Poppy suggests a trip to Twisty Tree Ridge.
The gang discover a melting snowman and decide to take him to the North Pole.
The gang look for an unnamed mountain on which to plant a flag.
The gang goes to Planet Ring-O-Bean to get more jellybeans.
Poppy takes the gang to Chilly Hills in the campervan.
Mo is a postman for the day and must deliver a letter to Treehouse Trevor.
Alma shows up with a toad named Cecil, who is late for a royal wedding.
Poppy receives a postcard from an old tiger friend named Ravi.
Poppy takes her friends to Cheese Mountain so Alma can practise her French.
Owl finds a baby turtle in his swimsuit. The gang head off in their submarine to find its mother, but the baby is scared off by Zapper the Electric Jellyfish.
When a large and unusual leaf blows in, Poppy and friends head off in a hot air balloon.