Posh People: Inside Tatler


Episode of February 4, 2015

4.3 31 x
The traditional, British upper-class world that Tatler reports on is changing. Features editor Sophia Money-Coutts travels from castle to castle in Scotland to find out what the toffs there think of Scottish Independence and how their world is affected. She meets Lord Palmer in his 109-room Edwardian pile and Lady Christin...

Episode of January 28, 2015

3.0 16 x
Tatler has a small but loyal readership and the magazine is keen to appeal to younger readers. We meet the new generation of Britain's upper class - the most privileged young people in the world who are likely to go on to be the ruling elite. We see the well-bred crowd come together at Tatler's iconic Bystander Teen Ball -...

Episode of January 21, 2015

3.0 39 x
Tatler is the oldest magazine in the world and has been reporting on the lives of Britain's most privileged and powerful for 300 years. Tatler not only documents but also dictates the social calendar of Britain's elite. With an archive full of society's movers and shakers, being pictured in its pages has long been a rite o...
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