Power Rangers Samurai


Series 1, Christmas Together, Friends Forever

3.0 33 x
On Christmas Eve, the teens reflect on their time together.

Series 1, Episode 20: Origins: Part Two

3.0 32 x
Kevin, Mia, Mike and Emily begin their transition.

Series 1, Episode 19: Origins: Part One

3.0 40 x
Jayden, of the Shiba clan, goes into battle.

Series 1, Episode 18: The Ultimate Duel

3.0 40 x
Jayden and Deker finally face off in their ultimate duel.

Series 1, Episode 17: Broken Dreams

3.0 58 x
The Rangers battle the sleep-inducing Nighlok Rhinosnorus.

Series 1, Episode 16: Boxed In

3.0 55 x
The Rangers fight the mutant Arachnitor without Jayden.

Series 1, Episode 15: The Tengen Gate

3.0 30 x
Series 1, Episode 15: The Tengen Gate of the TV-show Power Rangers Samurai was broadcast by Channel 5 on Sunday 18 August 2013 at 10:15.

Series 1, Episode 14: Team Spirit

3.0 61 x
A Nighlok that devours spirits spoils Emily's birthday.

Series 1, Episode 13: The Blue and the Gold

3.0 17 x
Kevin and Antonio must work together to counter Octoroo.

Series 1, Episode 12: Room For One More

3.0 77 x
Master Xandred hears that there are now six Rangers.
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