Professor Hutton's Curiosities


Dennis Severs' House

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Explore Britain's unusual museums. In 1979, artist Dennis Severs restored a property in Spitalfields to its 18th century glory - which the public can now enjoy.

Grant Museum and Magic Circle Museum

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Quirky museums. The Grant Museum houses 67,000 animal specimens, while the Magic Circle Museum displays props and tricks from throughout history.

Pollock's Toy Museum and Royal Society

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Professor Ronald Hutton marvels at Britain's lesser-known collections, including a toy museum in Soho and the historic Royal Society of London.

The Horniman Museum

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Professor Hutton trawls the nation's niche museums for intriguing artefacts. The Horniman Museum is the largest community museum in the UK, housing 350,000 items.

Brunel and Cuming Museum

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Professor Hutton goes underground at the Brunel Tunnel Museum and stays south of the Thames on a trip to the Cuming Museum, which charts Southwark's history.
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