February 2019

Series 1 Episode 6

3.0 9 x
Marnie is shaken when she realises she's pushed Shereen too far, and starts to become paranoid that everyone has turned against her now they know about her condition

Series 1 Episode 5

4.0 12 x
Encouraged by her new therapy, Marnie tries out trusting her old friend Helen with her secrets and brings her two worlds together at a big dinner party. What could possibly go wrong?

Series 1 Episode 4

4.0 19 x
Marnie and Charlie try to pick themselves back up after hitting rock-bottom. Marnie gets help from an unexpectedly understanding Shereen while Charlie tries to prove he's up to his old job.

Series 1 Episode 3

3.0 9 x
Marnie is determined to make the most of being a single Londoner now she knows what is wrong with her. She jumps into bed with Benji an earnest, clingy barista, but it has consequences at her work.

Series 1 Episode 2

3.0 17 x
Marnie hits another dead end when she goes to a sex addicts meeting but things start to look up when she finds an unexpected kindred spirit in recovering porn addict Charlie
January 2019

Series 1 Episode 1

4.0 86 x
Marnie jumps on a bus to London on a mission to change her life and figure out what is wrong with her. Alone in the big city, she tumbles into the lives of Shereen, Amber and Joe.
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