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June 2014

3. Elegy for April

3.0 26 x
Quirke is fighting a battle with grief and drink - and losing heavily - while Phoebe is forging a new life for herself with the help of a group of oddly-assorted friends: Isabel Galloway, shining light of the Gate Theatre; reporter Jimmy Minor whose crush on Phoebe goes entirely unnoticed by her; and junior doctors April L...

2. The Silver Swan

3.0 22 x
It is early 1957 and the Griffin family has been blown apart since the revelation in Boston. Quirke is drinking heavily, Mal and Sarah's marriage is on the rocks, and Sarah is regretting the missed chances of twenty years before, when she let her sister Delia steal Quirke from under nose. Quirke and his adoptive father, th...
May 2014

1. Christine Falls

3.0 47 x
Dublin, in the late autumn of 1956. City pathologist Quirke - we never get to know his Christian name - stumbles late one night from a party in the nurses' quarters with a view to sleeping off his hangover in his subterranean pathology lab. To his surprise his quiet refuge has been invaded by his adoptive brother, obstetri...
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