Raiders of the Lost Past


The Mystery of the Spider Rocks

3.0 2 x
In the early 1900s, Dave Arnold used a cryptic map to track down Spanish gold in Texas. Hear about the daring exploits of a real-life treasure hunter.

The Veil of Veronica

3.0 0 x
Paul Badde embarks on a quest of Biblical proportions to prove that an image of Jesus found in Italy is in fact the Veil of Veronica, a long-lost Catholic relic.

The Search for Machu Picchu

3.0 2 x
The Incan city of Machu Picchu was mostly unknown to the outside world until Hiram Bingham discovered its location in 1911. Hear about his intrepid quest.

The Curse of Treasure Mountain

3.0 0 x
Gold bullion is said to lie buried in the Rockies, but an awful curse seems to affect those who seek it out. Learn the truth about this enduring fable.

Yamashita's Gold

3.0 0 x
A Filipino fortune seeker searches for gold hidden by the Japanese during World War II. Join another history obsessive as they try to unearth legendary artefacts.
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