November 2019

9. Hardline

3.0 3 x
Eric must save the Dutch prime minister's kidnapped daughter.

8. The Fawn

4.0 3 x
Eric has to negotiate with a serial killer.
October 2019

7. Anatomy of a Lost Cause

4.0 4 x
Eric is charged with abetting a kidnapper.

6. Legacy

4.0 10 x
Eric's mother is kidnapped and forced to perform surgery.

5. Undercover

4.0 6 x
Eric negotiates the release of an arms dealer's son.

4. A Free Man in Paris

4.0 15 x
Eric liaises with a detainee to help a Guantanamo guard.

3. Secrets and Spies

3.0 17 x
Eric and Oliver investigate the disappearance of a CIA agent.
September 2019

2. Alters

4.0 6 x
Eric and Zara meet with the owner of an accounting firm.

12. Refuge

3.0 9 x
12. Refuge of the TV-show Ransom was broadcast by 5USA on Friday 20 September 2019 at 4:50.

1. Three Wishes

4.0 25 x
Eric has to complete three ransom demands.
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