Reggie In China

December 2019

Series 1: 3. East Meets West

4.0 123 x
In this final episode, Reggie Yates visits Chengdu, meeting artists pushing government censorship to its limit, and to Shanghai, where Communist east meets decadent west.
November 2019

Series 1: 2. City of Dreams

4.5 72 x
Reggie visits Beijing, the belly of the beast, home to President Xi Jinping, meeting migrant workers and millionaire businessmen alike, all chasing Xi's Chinese Dream.

Series 1: 1. The City of the Future

4.0 239 x
Beginning his adventure, Reggie Yates visits Shenzhen, the brainchild of 80s Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. Just 40 years old, Shenzhen is now one of the most futuristic cities in the world.