Rivers With Jeremy Paxman


Episode 4 The Thames

3.0 4 x
Jeremy meets the people who manage the Thames's floods, maintain its bridges, control its locks and deal with its sewage. He also finds time to make the odd stop along the way for entertainment.

Episode 3 The Mersey

3.0 1 x
Jeremy explores the Mersey's role in creating modern industry, discovers how it has recovered from pollution, scales its tallest bridge, goes trout fishing and tracks down the Mersey mermaids

Episode 2 The Severn

4.0 5 x
Jeremy travels the Severn through the heartlands of England and Wales. He meets the last mudhorse fisherman on the Severn Sea and investigates the country's largest ship graveyard.

Episode 1 The Tweed

3.0 11 x
On the Tweed, Jeremy tries to shear Cheviot sheep, tags osprey chicks, visits Merlin's grave, investigates the famous border ballads, and tracks down the People's Front for the Liberation of Berwick
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