Robbed, Raided, Reunited

September 2013

Episode 15

3.0 14 x
Police stop and search trucks going to scrapyards in a crackdown on metal theft.(R)

Episode 14

3.0 18 x
Police crack down on the thieves who target lorries whilst their drivers are asleep.(R)

Episode 13

3.0 22 x
An amateur dramatics group turns detective when their lighting equipment is stolen.(R)

Episode 12

3.0 24 x
A young mother returns home to find her flat ransacked and her baby's money box stolen.(R)

Episode 11

3.0 12 x
The remarkable story of how a tracking device led police straight to a stolen computer.(R)

Episode 9

3.0 13 x
Dog breeders are left devastated when six of their much-loved dogs are stolen.(R)

Episode 8

3.0 55 x
Officers provide burglars with their own rude awakening in a series of dawn raids.(R)
August 2013

Episode 4

3.0 19 x
After children find a hoard of silver behind a garage, the police return it to its owner.(R)

Episode 7

3.0 12 x
A priceless antique Chippendale table is finally returned to its owners by detectives.(R)

Episode 3

3.0 25 x
Incredible police work puts a criminal family behind bars after a series of burglaries.(R)