Rookie Blue

May 2020

Breaking Up the Band

3.0 55 x
Dov and Andy attend a music festival where a girl ends up dead from drugs. Gail goes to court facing the prospect of lying for her brother and Nick gives Juliet another chance.

Ninety Degrees

3.0 24 x
15 Division tries to move past the corruption scandal. As a heatwave hits town, Jarvis opens the doors to the public as a cooling station. Andy and Marlo look for a missing woman. Oliver returns to work as a beat cop.

Integrity Test

4.5 18 x
As Oliver is still a suspect, Andy, Dov, Gail and Nick want to prove that Alonso Santana is corrupt.
April 2020

Home Run

4.0 60 x
While attending a community-outreach baseball game and trying to impress the woman who will decide if she can adopt Sophie, Gail is thrown into the thick of it when a drive-by shooting occurs.

16. Real Gentleman

4.0 19 x
16. Real Gentleman of the TV-show Rookie Blue was broadcast by 5USA on Wednesday 22 April 2020 at 23:00.

15. Letting Go

3.0 39 x
Nick's brother resurfaces with information about their past.

14. Uprising

3.0 32 x
The officers go to a women's jail for a prisoner transfer.

13. Perfect Family

4.0 11 x
Andy struggles with the news that Marlo is pregnant.
March 2020

12. Open Windows

4.0 19 x
12. Open Windows of the TV-show Rookie Blue was broadcast by 5USA on Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 23:00.

11. Everlasting

3.5 17 x
The officers realise the car-bomber has not finished.
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