Rough Justice

June 2018

Episode 13 End Game

Expired 3.0 69 x
A popular politician is stabbed to death in a car park and a suspect is found at the scene. But when another attack takes place, the team must dash to uncover the link between the two victims.
May 2018

Episode 12 Silence

Expired 3.0 27 x
When a girl's body is found hanging in the woods, a witness describes seeing the victim having a heated exchange with a young man. It comes to light that she was murdered while keeping a vital secret.

Episode 11 Litter

Expired 4.0 17 x
When the body of a heroin addict comes to light, the team must race to locate her missing child and track down Antwerp's very own 'Dirty Harry', who seems to be attempting to clean up the city

Episode 10 Wood

Expired 4.0 33 x
When an activist and NGO worker is found dead in the river, it appears that he was involved in illegal smuggling of rare wood through the harbour. But others at the docks may have even more at stake.

Episode 9 Antique

Expired 4.0 25 x
An antiques dealer is stabbed and left on the floor of his shop. Expensive items, including the contents of a safe that only the victim could open, are missing. Is it more than just a bungled robbery?
April 2018

Episode 8 Joelia

Expired 4.0 56 x
When a dead businessman is found in a seedy hotel, the team quickly spot that the scene has been staged. They soon begin to uncover lies, rivalry and corruption among the city's biggest developers.

Episode 7 Nemesis

Expired 4.0 23 x
A respected but arrogant professor lies dead in the bathroom of a notorious bar. He had quite the reputation with female students, but when Liese digs into his past she finds a much darker secret.

Episode 6 Nightdive

Expired 4.5 28 x
A diamond trader's body is found floating in the pool of a luxury hotel. Was it a tragic accident during a midnight dip or did the lies, jealousy and passion in the victim's life catch up with her?

Episode 5 Clown

Expired 3.0 23 x
When a trainee nurse turns up dead in the mortuary, Fabian is upset by the case because he knew the victim. During the autopsy, he finds no obvious cause of death. But is he telling the whole truth?
March 2018

Episode 4 Iris

Expired 4.0 35 x
A mechanic's body is discovered in the forest, shot by an expert marksman, with a yellow iris carefully placed in his hands. When a second victim is found in the same spot, the case turns political.