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SAS: Who Dares Wins

In the series finale, the recruits are ambushed behind enemy lines. Facing extreme interrogation made to break them, do the final seven prove magnificent - or not? (S8 Ep6)

February 2023
In the toughest show on TV, the recruits tackle an extraction task used in the Vietnam War. And in a survival task they're chased by hunters, behind enemy lines. (S8 Ep5)
The recruits face a fierce test with a hostage rescue mission, plus a punishing head-to-head ammunition race in the jungle. Do any of them have what it takes to be a leader? (S8 Ep4)
The recruits need to take down an armed gunman in a crowd of civilians at a marketplace. There's a brutal game of murderball, and a descent into a dark, bat-infested jungle cave. (S8 Ep3)
January 2023
The recruits take part in extreme hand-to-hand combat. A breach of camp discipline leads to a 'beasting'. And a recruit gets seriously stranded at the top of a huge waterfall. (S8 Ep2)
Twenty recruits enter Jungle Hell, the toughest phase of SAS selection. They tackle the 'Trainasium', then abseil headlong 200 feet into a waterfall. (S8 Ep1)
May 2022
In the series finale, the last recruits are subjected to all kinds of punishing interrogation techniques. In the most feared phase of the course, who is tough enough to pass? (S7 Ep6/6)
Sarah and stripper Reece lead teams for a beasting and a brutal race under fire. Calls from home unsettle some, opening old wounds around bullying, infidelity, and self-esteem. (S7 Ep5/6)
After a set of tasks designed to test trust, including hand-to-hand combat and a terrifying abseil, Shylla's pushed to confront how a lifetime of racism has made her withdraw. (S7 Ep4)
April 2022
The recruits try a seven-metre backwards dive and face an elimination sickener on a major sand dune. After hand-to-hand combat in murderball, they're ambushed while driving back. (S7 Ep3/6)
The recruits pair up for a 50-foot freefall off a cliff. They also take a brutal beasting in the desert and face a split-second call on whether to shoot in a combat situation. (S7 Ep2/6)
A new elite training team welcome 20 brave recruits to a searing, epic Jordanian desert, with an intense start crossing a ravine by rope, and escaping a room full of CS gas. (S7 Ep1/6)
June 2021
The remaining recruits face the final stages: interrogation and a brutal sickener. Do any of them have the mental and physical strength to complete the process? (S6 Ep6)
The recruits are on the run across the punishing landscape, pursued by a military-trained hunter force, in a game of cat and mouse where only the strongest will make it through. (S6 Ep5)
May 2021
The recruits work in pairs as they tackle the threat of chemical warfare and execute a fast-paced extraction in near-freezing water. Then it's time for brutal hand-to-hand combat. (S6 Ep4)
The recruits must master their emotions under extreme pressure - from a scary backwards dive at night to an illusion jump, and the shock as the mole in their midst is revealed. (S6 Ep3)
The recruits face a forward abseil and an arduous beasting by the DS. There's also an extreme water immersion exercise and a team event in a dark network of disused tunnels. (S6 Ep2)
It's a new series and the toughest course yet, as 21 recruits embark upon a recreation of the brutal SAS selection process, starting with an ambush, a hijack and a 100-foot abseil. (S6 Ep1)
February 2020
The last six recruits face deep interrogation and a day of sickeners, including 'drownproofing' - simulated drowning. Only the physically and mentally elite will make it through.
The recruits are stalked across the Scottish Highlands by a military-trained hunter force, before facing extreme interrogation on limited sleep and rations. Who will crack?