SAS: Who Dares Wins


Series 5 Episode 6

Expired 4.0 124 x
The last six recruits face deep interrogation and a day of sickeners, including 'drownproofing' - simulated drowning. Only the physically and mentally elite will make it through.

Series 5 Episode 5

Expired 4.0 25 x
The recruits are stalked across the Scottish Highlands by a military-trained hunter force, before facing extreme interrogation on limited sleep and rations. Who will crack?

Series 5 Episode 4

Expired 4.0 41 x
The recruits' grit is tested as Jay's undercover status is revealed and he launches a brutal beasting to expose the weakest in the group

Series 5 Episode 3

Expired 4.5 100 x
The recruits take on the intense close-combat murderball and surf immersion - a notorious water beasting that simulates water torture

Series 5 Episode 2

Expired 4.0 79 x
The recruits are pushed to control their aggression, as they're trained with guns and take part in hand-to-hand combat, in an episode exploring loss, loyalty and self-control

Series 5 Episode 1

Expired 4.0 96 x
Led by Ant Middleton, 25 men and women - including an ex-SAS operator working as a mole - face the latest intense course, beginning with a swim to a remote Scottish island
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Series 4 Episode 6

Expired 3.0 96 x
The remaining men and women's final challenge is also the most psychologically demanding: resistance to interrogation, as they're subjected to stress positions, white noise and relentless grilling

Series 4 Episode 5

Expired 3.0 60 x
The remaining recruits must cross a 200-metre gorge, swim beneath the ice on a frozen lake and navigate a perilous valley at night, while trying to avoid capture by a local hunter force and their dogs

Series 4 Episode 4

Expired 4.0 61 x
This episode is about trust. The recruits are teamed up in pairs, then take a free-falling abseil into a rocky gorge and plunge into freezing water, with their partners responsible for saving them.

Series 4 Episode 3

Expired 4.0 93 x
With the conditions deteriorating, the recruits must negotiate beastings in the snow and a night out in a blizzard 3000 metres above sea level, while the DS increase the psychological pressure on them