October 2019

Series 1: Episode 6

4.0 33 x
Mike is surprised when an admirer makes him an offer which could change his and Karen’s lives forever.

Series 1: Episode 5

4.0 20 x
Karen and Geraldine wonder who told the police about Mrs Bookham’s money, and a meeting with a mystery investor could mean Geraldine’s financial worries are about to be over.
September 2019

Series 1: Episode 4

4.0 18 x
Mike and Karen are flat hunting, but things are going from bad to worse at the salon as Geraldine gets an unexpected visit from the police.

Series 1: Episode 3

4.0 23 x
Mike has two unexpected visitors at the arcade and it is not a good day for Geraldine at the salon. And how will Karen feel about a surprise proposition?

Series 1: Episode 2

3.0 42 x
Mike and Karen are trying to get their relationship back on track after Mike’s crab stall misdemeanour, but both have other problems to deal with.

Series 1: Episode 1

4.0 30 x
Mike finally gets the chance to explain to Karen after she caught him kissing another woman at the back of a seafront crab stall. But is it too little too late?